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One call is enough. Building services help is always at your service. We are your sole contractor, you will always be served by a local electrician.

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Did the lights go out or was there a power failure? Our on-call electricians are ready to help you with all your electrical system problems, from fuse replacement to electrical installations.

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Did a fuse blow, did a circuit breaker blow?

An ordinary electricity user is only allowed to do minor electrical work himself. Only a registered electrician is allowed to do the actual electrical installation work, so it is always best to leave even the smallest electrical installation to an electrician. Whether you live in a detached house or in an apartment block, hire an electrician to help you with your electrical work.

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You will always be served by a local electrician!

In the event of an electrical fault, time is never wasted and finding a competent electrician quickly is vital. We operate on an emergency call centre basis and respond immediately to all your needs. We prevent the damage from escalating over the phone and can send a qualified electrician to your site in as little as 15 minutes.

Assignments are forwarded to our local partners, who will complete the job from start to finish on your terms.

Contact 24 Center directly on 0100 2470

Focus on quality and sustainability

You rarely get good things for cheap. A qualified electrician can do the job properly and correctly, first time. Electrical installations should work throughout the life of the home, although many types of electrical installations are modernised every few decades. Much of the electrical installation is practically hidden inside the wall, so correcting any mistakes can be a big job. That's why it pays to choose a qualified electrician who can do the job reliably and professionally.

0,99 €/min + pvm or mpm

We are with you from start to finish

Is it frustrating that you have to contact several installers only to find out that the contractor can't take on more jobs?

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Contact and order

You will receive an order confirmation and a link to the tracking page

Your partner accepts the job and contacts you

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Billing and feedback


Electrical work


80 €/h


Weekdays 7.00-15.00
(min. 3 weekdays)


110 €/h


Weekdays 7.00-15.00


198 €/h

(min. 2 h)

Weekdays 15.00-07.00
Saturdays 7.00-18.00


250 €/h

(min. 2 h)


Pricing according to time

At 24 Center, the price is determined by the time, scope of work and the amount of material used. Services are priced as weekday work in most areas Mon-Fri 07-15, while work at other times is generally on-call. For sector-specific, up-to-date prices, please also contact our customer service. Prices are always confirmed by the client before the work is carried out.

*) The work component also includes time spent on travel and support activities (e.g. visits to wholesalers and waste collection points). Minimum hourly billing to be taken into account. Minimum hourly rates according to general practice in the sector. In most sectors, the minimum hourly rate is 2h. Hourly billing is per installer. Some jobs may require more than one fitter (e.g. heavy work).

Orders received

Repair of roof lights

One of our customers had been bothered for a long time by the lights in the bathroom, which had gone out for some reason. It's not nice to wash in the dark, it's even a safety hazard. The customer had tried to get it fixed, but the local electrician had given up after two weeks of waiting in line. He decided to try another way. He called 24 Center.

Repair of an electrical fault in underfloor heating

On a cold frosty night in January, a man from Tuusula woke up to find his house suddenly freezing. He tested the surface of the floor and found that the electric underfloor heating was out of action. He immediately picked up the phone and started calling electrical companies. Getting help was not easy. Who couldn't make it, who didn't make the emergency call, who went to voicemail. The man decided to call the 24 Center.

Repair of an electrical fault

24 Center's Emergency Center received a call one Tuesday at. 23.40. on a Tuesday from Käpylä, Helsinki. The electricity in a detached house in Käpylä, Helsinki, has gone out in half of the house and there does not appear to be a fault in the fuse boards. There is a main electrical panel in the attic of the house, where the fuse board can be found. The entrance to the dwelling is from the south end of the house. Arrive immediately and call the customer immediately to let them know the electrician is on his way.

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Electrician 24/7

Did the lights go out or was there a power failure? Our on-call electricians are ready to help you with all your electrical system problems, from fuse replacement to electrical installations.

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Frequently asked questions about
24 Center

24 Center is a real estate technology services on-call centre that provides a high quality service for real estate technology services problems regardless of time and place. Customers can get help with one call for both urgent emergencies and non-urgent day-to-day work.

24 Center is located at Robert Huberintie 3 in Vantaa, Finland. From one office, 24 Center serves the whole of Finland for building services problems. In addition to Finland, 24 Center operates in Sweden and Norway. 24 Center is a 100% Finnish company and service innovation.

24 Center will arrange for the work ordered by the customer to be carried out by the real estate technology services professional who can be on site at the time the customer wants.

You can claim a household allowance for maintenance and renovation work in your home or leisure home. These include renovations to your kitchen, bathroom, other rooms or the sauna in a detached house. Electrical, plumbing and cabling work in a private house is also covered by the household allowance, as is, for example, painting an outbuilding or installing a security lock. For more information, see the tax office's website, which lists the different types of work depending on whether they are covered by the deduction or not: household allowance

The maximum household allowance in 2023 will be €2,250 per person. The household allowance only applies to the work component. 40% of the work component is deductible. When the company invoice has a labour component of €5875, you will get the maximum deduction.

Typical damages covered by home insurance include water damage caused by the breakage of pipes or connected appliances, fire, smoke and soot damage. The amount of compensation for water damage is affected by the age of the broken appliance or pipework.

Call me anyway. 24 Center's customer service agents have a desire to help customers in times of need. A call costs €0.99/min + pvm or mpm, but many issues can be resolved at home with tips based on the experience of our customer service agents.

24 Center also serves non-urgent orders. Work ordered at least three working days in advance also has a lower hourly rate. You can place an order yourself via online ordering on our website at 24center.fi/verkkotilaus

10 important tips for electrical work

Anyone can draw up electrical plans, but there are legal qualifications for electrical installations and contracts. Remember, you can find a qualified, on-call and local electrician for all your electrical work.

The hourly rate for an electrician varies between €60 and €120. Travel expenses are charged at a rate of €0.7 to €1.4 per kilometre. Some companies charge a flat-rate service car allowance as a travel cost. The customer is also charged for the materials used for the job.

At 24 Center, an electrician pays from €80/h for unhurried work. On weekdays from 07:00 to 15:00 the price is 110 €/h. On-call work is 198 €/h (min. 2h) and holiday work 250 €/h (min. 2h). On weekdays, a service truck surcharge of €90, on-call surcharge of €287 and on public holidays a surcharge of €280. The on-call allowance includes the service vehicle allowance. Materials are charged at wholesale prices. Any special tools will be charged separately.

You can replace a normal old-style plug fuse yourself, following the electrical safety instructions. However, replacing a fuse can be life-threatening if done without proper skills. Replacing an automatic fuse permanently installed in a control panel, on the other hand, should always be done by a professional.

When an electrical fault hits you, it's best to fix it as quickly as possible. An incorrectly installed or faulty electrical appliance, or incorrectly done installations, can even be life-threatening! A local electrician knows the area you live in and, ideally, even the building stock, can find you quickly and get the electrical work done in no time.

Sometimes it can seem easy to ask a friend with an interest in electrical work to help you fix wiring and installations. In practice, the result can be very dangerous - and illegal. The professionals at our service always guarantee the best possible result.

When an electrical fault occurs, there's no point in fiddling around with repairs. A faulty electrical installation can be dangerous and, at the very least, it will make your home much less comfortable to live in. An on-call electrician is available around the clock at short notice and always ready to work for you.

Your home should be a peaceful and, above all, safe place where you can relax at the end of a busy day. Faulty electrical connections make it anything but. That's why it's always a good idea to leave electrical installations to a competent professional.

Because an electrician is trained in the field, he or she has the best and most up-to-date knowledge of electrical issues. An electrician is guaranteed to give you good advice on all electrical issues in your home - including energy efficiency, the latest solutions and safety. You are a professional in your field - the electrician in his.

The skills of an electrician are quite versatile, and the same person can handle electrical, telecommunications, computer and plumbing systems. The professional also carries out the installation of electrical machinery and equipment, as well as the repair and maintenance of existing electrical systems, machinery and equipment. So you don't need several professionals for different electrical jobs, you can get a huge amount of knowledge and professionalism in one phone call.

Sometimes, small electrical faults can leave your home a little messed up and make your everyday life a little more miserable. Even small faults should be fixed right away - for your safety and comfort. In the Helsinki area, you can get a professional electrician to help you right away. Let's make your home a safe and pleasant place again.

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