leaking water pipe

Repairing a leaking water pipe in Lapland

Repair of a leak in a water pipe running to the toilet on Sunday afternoon on call.

It's Sunday morning, 10.41am, and a woman calls the 24 Center customer service centre with an acute emergency on her hands. The water supply to the toilet in her detached house is leaking from the shower and she cannot turn off the water supply. In this situation, every minute wasted can cost up to thousands of euros in additional costs. Normally, 24 Center's extensive on-call network can get a plumber to the scene quickly enough, but in this woman's case, the location was causing grey hairs for the customer service centre.

Koppelo. A small village in northern Lapland, between the Tsarmitunturi and Hammastunturi wilderness areas. You have to get there right away. A customer service agent instructed the customer over the phone so that the water supply could be shut off. She reassured the customer by telling him that a plumber was on his way urgently. The job description was written: 'Detached house, copper pipe to toilet leaking. Water shut off. Urgent. Call before going to the customer."

After a short 15-minute wait, a plumber appeared on site, greeted the customer in a friendly manner and immediately got down to business. The pipe was quickly repaired and the water was circulated again.

24 Center's invoice to the customer was:

Alert surcharge: €267
Work contribution: €496
Total: € 763 incl. VAT 24%

"Thank you! The delivery was fast, easy and professional. The installer was immediately up to date and knew what to do. The customer experience was a confidence-inspiring one. I rate 24 Center a 5 on a scale of 1-5." - Resident of Koppelola House

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