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air-source heat pump costs

Cost of an air-source heat pump

Now is the perfect time to plan your purchase of an air-source heat pump or other cooling equipment to ensure optimal living conditions for the summer ahead. Get an air-source heat pump to improve the comfort of your home. There is more to buying an air-source heat pump

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installation of air-source heat pump

Installing an air-source heat pump in a housing company

Getting an air-source heat pump for a detached house is different from getting one for an apartment in a housing company. The heatwaves of last summer are still fresh in many people's minds, and the exceptionally warm April has woken many up to the fact that air-source heat pumps are a must.

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heat pump

Repair of refrigeration failure

Urgent fault finding and repair work on a refrigeration unit (air source heat pump) on a Thursday afternoon. 24 Center's on-call centre received a call at 12.02 on a hot Thursday afternoon in July from a customer in distress. Mitsubishi air source heat pump in a detached house

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Air-source heat pump

Air-source heat pump to improve the comfort of your home An air-source heat pump is a refrigeration appliance that transfers heat energy between an outdoor and an indoor unit. The indoor temperature is controlled by transferring heat from the outside air to the indoor air and, if necessary, vice versa.

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