repair of electrical faults

Repair of an electrical fault

Electricity fault pick-up and repair on stand-by between Tuesday and Wednesday night.

24 Center's Emergency Center received a call one Tuesday at. 23.40. on a Tuesday from Käpylä, Helsinki. The description of the assignment reads as follows:

"The electricity in a detached house in Käpylä, Helsinki, has gone out in half of the house and the fuse boards do not seem to be faulty. There is a main electrical panel in the attic of the house, where the fuse board is located. The entrance to the dwelling is from the south end of the house. Get there immediately and call the customer immediately to let them know the electrician is on his way already."

Our electrician completed the job quickly and the owner of the house was very satisfied with the result. In this case it was an electrician who wrote a final report on the assignment with the following description:

"Electrical fault search and repair by alarm at 23.45-02.30: in the main emergency box in the attic, a wire had melted, loose connection caused an arc. This could have caused a fire in the worst case. The joints in the storage compartment have been repaired and the cable extended as necessary. It is recommended that the 63A spare socket be replaced completely in the near future during normal working hours. A power company on-call engineer has been ordered to make a voltage break at the connection."

24 Center's invoice to the customer was:
● Alarm surcharge: EUR 267.00
● Materials: €62.90
● On-call work: €594.00
● Total: € 923.90 incl. VAT 24%

According to feedback from the homeowner, our customer service representative answered his call immediately and was understanding and knowledgeable. The electrician was on site in less than 30 minutes.

"A task completed quickly and professionally. On a scale of 1 to 5, I give your service an overall rating of 4+."

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