Sawmill maintenance

Electric heater maintenance

Tips for maintaining your electric heater

Maintenance of an electric stove is important to maximise the life of the stove. Every sauna owner should know how to service their heater at regular intervals. The resistors in an electric heater are often tight from heavy use, the resistors can become warped and heat cannot flow freely.

Electric cookers are often in heavy use 

Modern electric saunas have found their way into almost every home, making it quick and easy to take a sauna. However, this has not changed the fact that the sauna has a uniquely important place in the lives of Finns, and for many people the sauna and the rituals associated with it are extremely precious, even sacred. People sit down on the boards to slow down and calm down, perhaps put the sauna lambs in the sauna pot and sip a refreshingly cool sauna drink.

Sauna bathing is an integral and important part of Finnish culture. In the past, people were born and died in the sauna, but today people retreat to the gentle warmth of the sauna to relax tired muscles or refresh their minds after a busy day. To get the most out of your sauna experience, you should invest in the atmosphere, cleanliness and, of course, the heart of the sauna - an efficient and effective heater.

Electric heater maintenance 

How do I maintain my stove? 

  • Keep an eye on the condition of the stones
  • Change the order of the stones once a year
  • Replace the stones every 1-3 years
  • Keep an eye on the operation of resistors
  • If the heater is still relatively new, replace the broken resistor
  • Replace the heater if the efficiency is lost and the life of the heater starts to be affected

The more often the stove is heated and the more steam is thrown, the more the stones are damaged. The first maintenance measure is therefore to check the condition of the stones.

It is also a good idea to reload the stones and, if necessary, replace them with new ones. The surface of the stones will wear away, and as a sign of this, stone chips and dust will accumulate on the sauna floor in front of the stove. When the stones on the surface of the stove turn light grey, it is time to change the order. In an electric stove, the stones wear out fairly evenly, but changing the order of the stones will slightly increase their lifespan.

It pays to replace your electric stove every 10-15 years

No longer is the eye of the sauna gnome peering through the cracks in the stove stones, but the red flaming resistance of the stove. A functional and modern electric heater provides a pleasant and soft steam, but over time its efficiency can begin to decline and its functionality can deteriorate. This change can happen gradually and the sauna user may not even notice it.

A single resistor can also break, which means that the heater no longer heats properly and the steam remains weak. Broken resistors can be replaced, but this should be done by a professional. The most effective solution, however, is to replace the heater with a new one from time to time. This way, you can be sure that the heater is working properly and that the sauna will certainly provide the best possible conditions for a relaxing sauna evening.

To get the most out of your sauna experience, you should invest in the atmosphere, cleanliness and of course the heart of the sauna - an efficient and functional heater.

If you're thinking about replacing your stove, check out our tips on when and why to replace it here

A modern stove is efficient and beautiful

Stoves have evolved rapidly in recent years, both in terms of efficiency and appearance. There is a wide variety of stoves to choose from, ranging from traditional basic models to more unusual and eye-catching design solutions. The most modern smart heaters can even be controlled remotely via a phone app. Modern pillar stoves or special flat stoves are elegant and beautiful, and emit gentle, moist strokes.

It is therefore very important to carefully choose the best heater for your sauna in terms of size, appearance, usability, efficiency and price.

Instead of mechanically reversible controls, new stoves can have handy digital wall thermostats that display the sauna temperature and can be installed, for example, in the bathroom doorway next to the light switch, saving the sauna heater operator the inconvenience of squatting in the dark at the base of the stove. The metal-gridded pillar heater can also be recessed into the ceiling, making it a stunning decorative element and eye-catcher that adds style and atmosphere to the sauna room and crowns a wonderful moment of pampering.

It is therefore very important to carefully choose the best heater for your sauna in terms of size, appearance, usability, efficiency and price. That way, the end result is rewarding and you can enjoy the sauna in comfort and convenience. The impact of a good sauna on quality of life is undeniable, and who knows - perhaps with the fresh bathwater hissing on the hot stones and the gentle steam filling the sauna's sauna, you can still sense the existence of an ancient spirit world?

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