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One call is enough. Plumber Rovaniemi always at your service. We are your only contract partner, you will be served by a local plumber.

0,99 €/min + pvm or mpm

Plumber services 24/7

Did the drains get blocked or are the pipes frozen? Our on-call plumbers are ready to help you with all your plumbing problems, from sewer blockages to thawing frozen pipes and repairing leaking pipes.

Installation work


Thawing and unclogging


Pipeline helpdesk

HVAC works

Faucet repair

Opening the pipes

Thawing of pipes

Pipe bursts and leaks

Humidity measurements

Installation of water fittings

Heating systems

IV installation, maintenance and adjustment

KVV control

Is the tap leaking, is the drain not draining?

In the event of any kind of plumbing failure, it is not worth waiting around and calling a professional immediately is a good idea. Plumbing jobs can be big or small, and especially when they are big, they should be dealt with quickly. Constantly running water can damage structures and surfaces - even in small amounts - and is guaranteed to show up on your water bill. Fortunately, a professional can deal with the situation quickly and safely. We can have a plumber on call in Rovaniemi and the Rovaniemi area in as little as 15 minutes with a single phone call - at any time of the day.

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Local plumber from Rovaniemi

Who would want to have to give a plumber driving instructions on the phone when the toilet is blocked or water is gushing from the pipe? 24 Center's professionals are constantly on the road with service trucks all over Rovaniemi, so they know the Rovaniemi area well. Our on-call technicians will always relay information about the plumbing work to our local partner who is closest to you. You'll get an experienced and guaranteed competent plumber on the spot quickly.

We are happy to serve you, 24 hours a day

Your home should be a safe place, and when something breaks, you should fix it quickly. Broken pipes and blockages can quickly add up to a surprisingly high bill. So react quickly and call Plumber Rovaniemi 24/7 - you'll get the first instructions on the phone to prevent the damage from escalating. We also remember that a plumber's job site is always someone's home. That's why we always want to serve our customers as well as possible and with respect for the home.

A lot of knowledge in one call

A building's plumbing is a complex system, and repairs and adjustments in one home can affect the plumbing and drainage in other homes. 24 Center's professionals have extensive experience in a wide range of plumbing jobs. The same expert can handle plumbing, faucet leaks, pipe opening and fusion, repair of pipe bursts and leaks, moisture measurements, water damage, repair and installation of plumbing fixtures, installation, maintenance and repair of heating systems, and repair of leaks in hot water heaters, for example.

0,99 €/min + pvm or mpm

We are with you from start to finish

Is it frustrating that you have to contact several installers only to find out that the contractor can't take on more jobs?

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Our partner reports real-time information on the progress of the work

Billing and feedback

Contact and order

You will receive an order confirmation and a link to the tracking page

Your partner accepts the job and contacts you

Our app gives you real-time information on the progress of your work

Billing and feedback




80 €/h


Weekdays 7.00-15.00
(min. 3 weekdays)


110 €/h


Weekdays 7.00-15.00


198 €/h

(min. 2 h)

Weekdays 15.00-07.00
Saturdays 7.00-18.00


250 €/h

(min. 2 h)


Pricing according to time

At 24 Center, the price is determined by the time, scope of work and the amount of material used. Services are priced as weekday work in most areas Mon-Fri 07-15, while work at other times is generally on-call. For sector-specific, up-to-date prices, please also contact our customer service. Prices are always confirmed by the client before the work is carried out.

*) The work component also includes time spent on travel and support activities (e.g. visits to wholesalers and waste collection points). Minimum hourly billing to be taken into account. Minimum hourly rates according to general practice in the sector. In most sectors, the minimum hourly rate is 2h. Hourly billing is per installer. Some jobs may require more than one fitter (e.g. heavy work).

Orders received

Water leaking from the living room ceiling

It was Christmas Day in a family in Hämeenlinna. The family was having a nice and peaceful Christmas holiday, looking forward to the New Year. After a while, one of the children came to tell their mother that the upstairs toilet was overflowing. The water was not coming down from the toilet and had overflowed the edges of the toilet. It was already about 6pm, but the emergency plumbers were on site in about half an hour.

Repairing a leaking water pipe

A man from Nokia noticed a leak in the water pipe coming into the toilet in his house. He started calling companies in the industry and quickly realised that on a normal weekday, it is very difficult to get a plumber to come quickly, as all the plumbers have booked up their calendars well in advance. He decided to call 24 Center. Before long, the day was over when the plumber's service truck arrived at the customer's house. The plumber busily repaired a leaking water pipe from a joint, and after cleaning up the mess, he headed for the next challenge.

Repair of a pipe leak on call

On a June afternoon, a woman living in Ostrobothnia was on her way home from work. She rushed downstairs, opened the door to the technical room and noticed that one of the pipes was spraying water profusely. She searched online for plumbers on call, found the number of the 24 Center and called them. The leaking pipe was repaired and the water was turned back on. The customer's stress was relieved and the sunny summer evening was back to normal.

Repairing a leaking hot water heater

It was a spring evening in March. It was 9:08 p.m. The phone rang at the 24 Center customer service center. The caller was a gentleman from Mikkeli whose daughter's home was leaking water. A plumber arrived on the scene and quickly fixed the problem. There was no need to replace the water heater, as the fault was in the hot water pipe of the heater, which was easily repaired.

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Plumber 24/7

Did the drains get blocked or are the pipes frozen? Our on-call plumbers are ready to help you with all your plumbing problems, from sewer blockages to thawing frozen pipes and repairing leaking pipes.

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Frequently asked questions about
24 Center

24 Center is a real estate technology services on-call centre that provides a high quality service for real estate technology services problems regardless of time and place. Customers can get help with one call for both urgent emergencies and non-urgent day-to-day work.

24 Center is located at Robert Huberintie 3 in Vantaa, Finland. From one office, 24 Center serves the whole of Finland for building services problems. In addition to Finland, 24 Center operates in Sweden and Norway. 24 Center is a 100% Finnish company and service innovation.

24 Center will arrange for the work ordered by the customer to be carried out by the real estate technology services professional who can be on site at the time the customer wants.

You can claim a household allowance for maintenance and renovation work in your home or leisure home. These include renovations to your kitchen, bathroom, other rooms or the sauna in a detached house. Electrical, plumbing and cabling work in a private house is also covered by the household allowance, as is, for example, painting an outbuilding or installing a security lock. For more information, see the tax office's website, which lists the different types of work depending on whether they are covered by the deduction or not: household allowance

The maximum household allowance in 2023 will be €2,250 per person. The household allowance only applies to the work component. 40% of the work component is deductible. When the company invoice has a labour component of €5875, you will get the maximum deduction.

Typical damages covered by home insurance include water damage caused by the breakage of pipes or connected appliances, fire, smoke and soot damage. The amount of compensation for water damage is affected by the age of the broken appliance or pipework.

Call me anyway. 24 Center's customer service agents have a desire to help customers in times of need. A call costs €0.99/min + pvm or mpm, but many issues can be resolved at home with tips based on the experience of our customer service agents.

24 Center also serves non-urgent orders. Work ordered at least three working days in advance also has a lower hourly rate. You can place an order yourself via online ordering on our website at

5 important tips for plumbing

The price range for a plumber at VAT is around €60-120/h. Travel expenses are charged at 0.7-1.4 €/km. Some companies use a flat-rate service charge. Hourly billing usually starts as soon as the plumber leaves the site. In addition, materials used are charged separately according to the price list.

At 24 Center, a plumber pays from €80/h for unhurried work. On weekdays from 07:00 to 15:00 the price is 110 €/h. On-call work is 198 €/h (min. 2h) and holiday work 250 €/h (min. 2h). On weekdays, a service truck surcharge of €90, on-call surcharge of €287 and on public holidays a surcharge of €280. The on-call allowance includes the service vehicle allowance. Materials are charged at wholesale prices. Any special tools will be charged separately.

If the toilet is blocked, you should call a plumber to prevent further damage. If the blockage is not deep and other drains in the house are draining, a plumber's grease and other equipment may be enough to unblock it.

If the floor drain is not draining properly and water starts to come out of the floor drain, you should call a professional. If the blockage is deep, the plumber's equipment may not be enough and a suction truck may be needed.

The insurance usually covers the repair of water damage caused by the breakage of a pipeline or connected equipment. The amount of compensation is affected by the age of the broken pipework or equipment.

If the water pipes in your house or holiday home have frozen, you should urgently call a plumber to thaw them. If you try to thaw the pipes yourself or wait for the air to warm up, you run the risk that the ice inside the pipes will break due to thermal expansion, causing water damage. A professional can melt the pipes in a controlled and safe manner, and inspect and repair any damage that may have occurred.

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