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Have you left your key inside or do you need to modernise your locking system? Our on-call locksmiths are ready to help you with all your security problems, from door openings to renovations.


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Door locked and keys inside?

Sometimes the worst happens: you're at the front door looking for your keys, you turn your pockets and handbag, you return to the car and search the seat cushions, frantically wondering where you last saw your keys. Or you turn the key in the lock and bang - the key snaps off and stays in the lock. In these and many other situations, a locksmith can help. When you are accidentally left outside your home without your keys or in the event of a lock failure, speed is of the essence. There may be a bag of food or a crying child or a pet inside, so you should get in quickly.

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Locksmith on the scene quickly in Kuopio

The services of a locksmith are often needed when there is a major emergency and you need to get inside quickly. That's why a locksmith in Kuopio is the best choice: he knows the Kuopio area and, ideally, its building stock with its various locking systems, and can get there quickly and safely. We can also get a locksmith to your place in Kuopio at short notice.

The locksmith's skills are second to none

Of course, there is more to a locksmith's work and job description than just opening locked doors and drilling and picking or hingeing broken locks. A professional locksmith will also assist in the assessment, selection and design of home protection methods. In addition, the locksmith will handle access control, electronic locking and alarm systems, design and install door automation systems, and perform security inspections when necessary.

Reliable locksmiths at your service 24/7

The range of different types of locks and locking systems has grown rapidly. It is no longer enough to know how a standard Abloy lock works. Modern electronic locks in particular require a wide range of skills. A good locksmith understands the operation of a wide range of locking systems. 24 Center professionals have extensive knowledge of the maintenance, repair and opening of mechanical and electronic locking and security systems and are constantly updating their skills. A locked front door is one of the biggest security deterrents, and few things shake one's sense of security like a broken lock on the front door of one's home. That's why a locksmith needs to be not only fast, skilled and efficient, but also a discerning professional.

0,99 €/min + pvm or mpm

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Is it frustrating that you have to contact several installers only to find out that the contractor can't take on more jobs?

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(min. 3 weekdays)


110 €/h

(min. 2 h)

Weekdays 7.00-15.00


198 €/h

(min. 2 h)

Other than on weekdays 07.00-15.00

Pricing according to time

At 24 Center, the price is determined by the time, scope of work and the amount of material used. Services are priced as weekday work in most areas Mon-Fri 07-15, while work at other times is generally on-call. For sector-specific, up-to-date prices, please also contact our customer service. Prices are always confirmed by the client before the work is carried out.

*) The work component also includes time spent on travel and support activities (e.g. visits to wholesalers and waste collection points). Minimum hourly billing to be taken into account. Minimum hourly rates according to general practice in the sector. In most sectors, the minimum hourly rate is 2h. Hourly billing is per installer. Some jobs may require more than one fitter (e.g. heavy work).

Orders received

Entrepreneur's morning

The man's car is in a separate garage building. He slips the key into the Abloy lock. Turning the key, the man feels that all is not well. It's as if the key is stuck. It won't turn inside the lock. But the man thinks that the heavy frost has only stiffened the lock a little. He turns the key with a little more force. There is a click and in the blink of an eye, the man is stunned to find himself holding the broken key in his hand. There would be a spare key, but it's no use with the key stuck deep inside the lock. The man decides to stop stressing, knowing that the locksmith can remove it in a jiffy. He looks online to find out the quickest way to get a locksmith to come to the site.

Removing the branches from the lock of a detached house

There was no way to get the key to its destination. Somehow small pieces of twig had got into the key slot. The door could not be opened. It soon became clear that the problem would not be solved. After trying unsuccessfully to remove an object that did not belong in the lock, the family became frustrated. Mum's nerves were getting tight, it was getting late, and the early hours of the morning were hitting her hard. She decided to call the first locksmith on the day, a locksmith she could find online.

Opening the safe deposit box lock

One safe deposit box needed to be opened, but the key was lost. To make matters worse, the matter was urgent. A bank employee decided to take care of it immediately and called the 24 Center. A locksmith arrived and drilled the lock off the safe deposit box. He then stayed to install a new lock. After a while, he came back to tell the bank employee that the job was done. He also gave the new keys to the safe deposit box to the customer.

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Have you left your key inside or do you need to modernise your locking system? Our on-call locksmiths are ready to help you with all your security problems, from door openings to renovations.

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24 Center

24 Center is a real estate technology services on-call centre that provides a high quality service for real estate technology services problems regardless of time and place. Customers can get help with one call for both urgent emergencies and non-urgent day-to-day work.

24 Center is located at Robert Huberintie 3 in Vantaa, Finland. From one office, 24 Center serves the whole of Finland for building services problems. In addition to Finland, 24 Center operates in Sweden and Norway. 24 Center is a 100% Finnish company and service innovation.

24 Center will arrange for the work ordered by the customer to be carried out by the real estate technology services professional who can be on site at the time the customer wants.

You can claim a household allowance for maintenance and renovation work in your home or leisure home. These include renovations to your kitchen, bathroom, other rooms or the sauna in a detached house. Electrical, plumbing and cabling work in a private house is also covered by the household allowance, as is, for example, painting an outbuilding or installing a security lock. For more information, see the tax office's website, which lists the different types of work depending on whether they are covered by the deduction or not: household allowance

The maximum household allowance in 2023 will be €2,250 per person. The household allowance only applies to the work component. 40% of the work component is deductible. When the company invoice has a labour component of €5875, you will get the maximum deduction.

Typical damages covered by home insurance include water damage caused by the breakage of pipes or connected appliances, fire, smoke and soot damage. The amount of compensation for water damage is affected by the age of the broken appliance or pipework.

Call me anyway. 24 Center's customer service agents have a desire to help customers in times of need. A call costs €0.99/min + pvm or mpm, but many issues can be resolved at home with tips based on the experience of our customer service agents.

24 Center also serves non-urgent orders. Work ordered at least three working days in advance also has a lower hourly rate. You can place an order yourself via online ordering on our website at 24center.fi/verkkotilaus

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24 Center can have a locksmith on site in up to 15 minutes. Customers usually receive assistance within 30-60 minutes of calling.

A door opening job ordered from 24 Center usually costs around €310 + materials on a weekday. The estimate includes two hours of work (€110/h) and a service charge (€90).

A locksmith charges around 70-125 €/h on a weekday. There is also a travel charge depending on the kilometres, about 0,7-1.5€/km. Some companies charge a flat-rate service charge for the journey. In addition, the customer will be charged for the supplies and materials used.

At 24 Center, a locksmith pays 110 €/h (min. 2h) from 07:00 to 15:00 on weekdays. During on-call hours the hourly rate is 210 €/h (min. 2h). Travel expenses are 90 € for the service truck and any accessories at the wholesale price.

The cost of a single lock fitting as a weekday job ordered from 24 Center:
Non-urgent starting from around €370 (job 2 x €90, service truck allowance €90 and accessories around €100). For a normal job the price is around €410 (job 2 x €110, service truck allowance €90 and accessories around €100).

In cases of vandalism and theft, insurance often covers the replacement of broken locks.

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