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Air-source heat pump

Air-source heat pump to improve comfort in the home

An air-source heat pump is a refrigeration appliance that transfers heat energy between an outdoor and indoor unit. The indoor temperature is controlled by transferring heat from the outdoor air to the indoor air and vice versa if necessary to cool the indoor air. An air-source heat pump consists of an outdoor unit installed outside the building and an indoor unit installed inside in the space to be heated/cooled. Both units are connected to the mains and to each other, so the installation of the air-source heat pump requires a through-wall duct.

An air-source heat pump is useful if it can reduce the amount of energy used to heat your home. In practice, the pump is most useful in an electrically heated detached or terraced house, where energy costs are highest.

Procurement guidelines:

  • Get an air-source heat pump installed.
  • Make a written agreement.
  • Require written contact details for warranty cases and for servicing.
  • Ask the installer for a commissioning protocol, commissioning instructions for the pump and the system as part of your house heating system.
    Also go over the filtration features of the unit, their maintenance needs and instructions, as well as the operation and energy consumption of the cooling system.
  • Make sure the pump installer is qualified, the pump should only be installed by an installer or company that has a refrigerant qualification and an electrical qualification.
  • Choose a reliable seller.
  • For more detailed advice on purchasing an air-source heat pump, see for example the Consumer Agency's buying guide.

When installing an air-source heat pump, consider at least the following:

  • The building association must give permission for the installation of the device and only a licensed installer may install the device.
  • A written agreement between the housing company and the shareholder should be drawn up for the purchase and installation of the device.
  • It is a good idea to agree on responsibilities and rules for the installation, use and maintenance of the equipment.
  • The outdoor unit is mounted on a vibration-damped balcony mounting base on the balcony below the balcony rail so that the outdoor unit is not visible.
  • Condensation water is drained to an internal drainage system or to a drainage pipe on the balcony.
  • There must be no noise disturbance to neighbours. The outdoor unit shall not emit more than 45 dB
  • Please note that condensation will form in the outdoor unit during heating operation. The water can sometimes be abundant and the air blown by the unit can be very cool.

The installation of an air-source heat pump should only be carried out by a trained professional. This will ensure the proper and safe operation of the unit for years to come. The use of a professional installer is also required by law and warranty conditions, as the installation of an air-source heat pump requires licensing certificates for refrigerants, electrical work, etc. In addition, a refrigeration professional installs an air-source heat pump to get the maximum benefit from it.

When you need air source heat pump installation or maintenance, contact 24 Center on 0100 2470.

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