broken window glass

Window glass broken

Window glass broke - What to do next?

Did the glass break? Most home problems and damage are easy to fix yourself, but when glass breaks, you often need professional help.

Broken glass can cause dangerous situations that can be avoided by correct action. The most important thing is to prevent further damage by warning others and preventing people from getting near the broken glass. The most effective way to avoid a broken glass incident is to call a professional glazing contractor.

The sharp corners of broken glass are harmful to both animals and people. Access to the area should be prevented during cleaning, or at least efforts should be made to minimise the use of the space if access cannot be prevented.

Detecting and reporting glass breakage

If you live in a housing company, you should report the damage to the company's representative, the property manager or the maintenance company, without delay. The representative of the housing association will come to assess the damage and find out who will have to pay for the repair of the glass. Often, however, the repair of the glass is paid for by the tenant, except for the outer pane of the window, which can be covered by the building society's insurance.

You should also contact your own insurance company immediately after an accident, as insurance can cover unexpected and sudden glass damage. However, you should not wait for the insurance company to decide whether to pay compensation or not; the glass should be repaired without delay.

After an accident, contact your insurance company to find out if your home insurance covers the cost of repairing the damage. Provide the insurance company with the necessary information about the damage, for example by making a claim on the insurance company's website. Pay the repair costs yourself in the first instance. If they are covered by your home insurance, you will sooner or later receive the money in the form of an insurance claim.

Always agree on the repair with a contractor who knows what he is doing. Even for small repairs, make a written contract with a time schedule and ask for an itemised estimate. By ordering a glass repair service through 24 Center, you can be sure that a professional from a reliable glazing company will arrive at the agreed time. Contact 24 Center on 0100 2470 to find out more or to request a quote.

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